Packaging for Solid Aluminum WDT Tool Now Available

Packaging for Solid Aluminum WDT Tool Now Available

I've just received the packaging boxes for our Solid Aluminum WDT Tools. After several iterations over many, many months, and with the guidance of the wonderful people at @vanpkg, I finally settled on a final design to safely house and present the tools.

While the trending and seemingly easiest method of approaching protection of shipped coffee gear is to include a foam insert, I was adamant on making the whole packaging fully recyclable, so I challenged myself to create an insert that was a single piece cardboard that could lock the contents in place during shipping and handling, at any orientation conceivable. There are a few more refinements and features that I wanted to implement but perhaps in a future version!


All Solid Aluminum WDT Tool orders will ship with these boxes as of June 1st, 2024, and no longer in barebones packaging 🎉🎊



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