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WDT Tool - Solid Aluminum

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Elevate your coffee nook like never before. This is the perfect WDT Tool to optimize your espresso extraction while also matching the rest of your coffee gear in terms of look, feel and ruggedness.


[What is WDT For]

A WDT Tool (Weiss Distribution Technique) is used for distributing and declumping coffee grinds in an espresso portafilter so that water can flow through more evenly and thus improving flavour. For an in-depth guide on WDT Tools, read here.


Hefty Weight

If your portafilter and tampers feel very hefty and solid, why shouldn't the WDT Tool also be? This one weighs in at approximately 120g. 


Solid Construction

Made from 100% solid aluminum, CNC milled with high precision, then anodized for corrosion resistance. 

Hexagonal Layout

A single layout of 6 needles in a hexagonal formation will give a wide coverage. The optimal distance between the needles is carefully considered so that the needles will likely comb through coffee grounds rather than trap and carry around a bunch of it while you're swirling away, effectively leading to a more uniform de-clumping and distribution.


Secured Needles

The needles are loaded from the back into individually milled holes that perfectly match the needle's shape, then secured by a screwed-in cap. There is no friction fit, no shared needle area, no glue, so you don't have to ever worry about needles falling out or wobbling around or falling out during use. To replace a needle, you can easily unscrew the cap and swap it out.


Parallel Needles

The needles are parallel instead of fanning out, so they stay equidistant and comb the same way at any depth of the basket, as opposed to covering a varying diameter depending on the depth.


Stealth Branding

We are fans of subtle branding so we intentionally had the logo on the cap milled in before being covered by the anodization process. The holder also has our logo but you'd probably miss it if we didn't mention it.


Padded Holder Base

The base of the holder is padded to protect your tabletop surface


[Mark II vs Mark I]

Mark II is our latest revision. It is mostly the same with a few minor changes. Compared to Mark I:

  • Slightly wider diameter body and holder (holder base diameter stays the same at 53.5mm)
  • Needles spaced even more apart allow combing through more kinds of grounds with less chance of dragging the grounds with it
  • One additional hole added in the center for a 7th needle for higher efficiency, but used situationally depending on the coffee grounds
  • On average 10 grams heavier


    [What’s Included]

    • 1x solid aluminum WDT Tool that comes in two pieces. The body holds the needles and the cap secures them in place
    • 1x solid aluminum holder to stow the WDT Tool on and to protect the needles
    • 12x stainless steel needles (0.35mm x 50mm, food safe grade)

    [What's Optional]

    [About Blemished Option]

    There were a few pieces from the first batch that turned out below the standard of what we were looking for. We don't like to waste, so we're offering these "blemished" pieces at a discounted price. These pieces may have the following issues, but not limited to: large visual blemishes on the exterior surface like scratches, dents, chips. Despite these visual blemishes, they are fully functional.


    WDT Body: Aluminum
    Needles: Stainless Steel


    Care Instructions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Looks great, feels great, works great! Nice and heavy premium product, and really fun to hit the springy needles against my portafilter to clean it off. Adds a satisfying step to my coffee ritual.

    A pleasure to use

    Complete overkill but an absolute pleasure to use. This works beautifully in conjunction with a dosing funnel to stop spillage.

    (Review From Etsy - Copied With Permission)

    High quality as expected and advertised. This is better alternative to the expensive sworksdesign WDT

    (Review From Etsy - Copied With Permission)

    The WDT Tool look great and feel good on the hands, easy to use, make great espresso every time.

    I owned multiple different WDT tools, somehow often grabbed this WDT tool when making espresso, is it my favorite WDT tool? Maybe, because it's easy to use on any of my portafilter basket regardless about the basket size.

    Highly recommended it.

    (Review From Etsy - Copied With Permission)

    Quality is top shelf, best WDT I have found on the market so far and I have bought plenty for comparison. Use it everyday.