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Baratza Encore / ESP Single Dose Hopper & Bellows Combo

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If you only single dose on your Baratza Encore, you can swap out your large stock hopper for 3D printed our low-profile, single dose hopper designed specifically for the Encore models. If you also have issues with retention, then say farewell to it with our optional bellows that will help you achieve up to an incredible 0.0g to 0.2g retention on each grind*.


[Design Features]

Our design philosophy revolves around simplicity and utmost effectiveness, both meticulously woven into the design of our Baratza single dose hopper and bellows.

  • The single dose hopper replaces the original stock hopper while maintaining its tapered aesthetics.
  • Low profile design allows an approximate 7cm (2-3/4in) of clearance compared to the original full-sized stock hopper, and is even shorter than Baratza's single dose hopper.
  • Simple installation, taking less than a minute and requiring no additional tools.
  • Maintains the same interaction for adjusting entire grind size.
  • Maintains the original range of grind size adjustment.
  • Built in anti-popcorn design reduces most popcorning (even better with bellows).
  • Fits and works with the stock gasket seal above the burrs
  • Approximately 40g capacity
  • Optionally combo with our silicone bellows (which also perfectly fits the Niche Zero and Duo) for up to 0.0g to 0.2g* retention.



  • Encore
  • Encore ESP

It is also compatible with:

  • Virtuoso
  • Virtuoso+
  • Vario+
  • Vario W+
  • Vario
  • Vario-W
  • Forte AP
  • Forte BG
  • (Optional silicone bellows is 100% cross-compatible with Niche Zero and Duo and other Introvert single dose hoppers)

The 3D printing "seam line" of the hopper is oriented at the back of the hopper specifically in the listings for the Encore and Virtuoso. Although it will also fit on the flat burr grinders like Forte and Vario, the line will be at the front.


  • The finest grind range (0-20) may decrease bellows effectiveness due to restricted air flow. Adjust to a coarser range (20+) while pumping bellows to fully clear retention.
  • Grinding after changing grind size may still cause some retention
  • Using darker roasts may cause more retention
  • RDT method not recommended
  • Achieve the best results with lighter roasted beans and at a consistent grind size setting.
  • Does not include the grinder nor the stock hoppers in the photos


PLA Hopper
Silicone Bellows


Care Instructions

• Keep hopper away from heat (40+°C / 104+°F) or it may deform permanently
• To clean hopper, wipe or rinse with cool to warm water
• Do not put in dishwasher

• Keep bellows away from heat (90+°C / 194+°F) or it may deform permanently
• To clean, wash gently by hand with warm water
• Do not put in dishwasher

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Improved the quality of virtuoso shots, cleaning, and pourover consistency — literal game changer

Karson Rosser
Baratza Encore / ESP Single Dose Hopper & Bellows Combo

Works great, as advertised. Happy with my purchase.

Just what I needed but a bit pricey

The cabinet I have my grinder in is a tight fit to do single dose fills with the stock hopper on the regular. This single dose hopper is nice and low, looks good, feels solid and fits well.

It’s a bit pricey but was the only solution I could find that solved my first world problem.


This single dose hopper is a compact and well-built option that practically eliminates retention, helps with popcorning, and aligns better with the dial indicator than the stock hopper. The bellows effectively minimizes coffee retention to <.1g after the grinder burrs are seasoned. Popcorning is a lot better and launches maybe a bean every couple uses, it doesn't completely eliminate popcorning but noticeably better. Some cons I found were, the bellows cannot go on until all the beans are out of the hopper and the dial indicator's visibility could be improved. Overall, I recommend this upgraded hopper to any Encore (ESP) owners.

Product works great as advertised. Leaves a little to be desired for the price.

I bought the single dose hopper and bellows combo. No complaints for the bellows, but I think that the hopper could have been finished a little better for the price, as the layer lines from 3D printing are still quite prevalent. This has no impact on the functionality really, but if you're going to charge €50 + shipping for a hopper and bellows, the finishing leaves some to be desired. Great product, would buy again and I like the subtle branding, very introverted if you'll excuse the pun.