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Silicone Bellows for Niche Zero and Niche Duo - Near Zero Retention

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Our silicone bellows for the Niche Zero and Niche Duo sits on the bean funnel and allows you to blow air through the grinder with every pump to push out most, if not all, the residual coffee grounds inside the grinder out into your dosing cup or portafilter. With our bellows you can get out of the grinder what you put in, achieving up to 0.0g retention*. It's 100% designed in-house, the first to ever exist in the market, and bespoke for the Niche Zero and Duo, and is superior to our original first-to-market 3D printed TPU version (discontinued Feb 2023) in terms of texture, flexibility, air-tightness, and durability.


[In-Depth Look]

For a long, in-depth look at the bellows in action check out the video:


[Design Features]

Simplicity and maximum effectiveness are my design goals, and both are carefully infused in my bellows' design

  • The Niche Zero / Niche Duo Bellows complements the grinder's original design rather than replacing any parts and upsetting its visual balance
  • Specifically designed to fit into the funnel exactly
  • Takes seconds to place into the funnel for use
  • Low profile design allows you to close the lid over the Niche Duo / Niche Zero bellows while it's on the funnel
  • Fits and works with or without the Niche Zero Flow Control Disk (anti-popcorn disk). Acts as an anti-popcorn device for the Niche Duo
  • Prevents popcorning when seated in the Niche Duo during grinding 
  • No tools necessary for installation
  • No modifications to the grinder needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Odourless material so it does not impart any smells to your ground coffee




The most current and best version. Has a smooth matte surface that is dust resistant, has accurate shape, and has good wall thickness consistency. Note that some "pieces may come with a very slight oval opening, but will conform nicely when placed into the Niche funnel.


V1.1 - Subpar

These pieces will have a pronounced distorted form, and possibly other surface blemishes, but they otherwise are fully functional. Although some of the openings of the bellows may look far from circular, they will conform when placed into the Niche funnel. For optimal air-tightness on the Niche Duo, the non-subpar version is recommended.


See here for the history of the variants, batches, and versions.



    • Niche Zero
    • Niche Duo (Light press fit into funnel hole)
    • INTROVERT Single Dose Hoppers



    • Grinding after changing grind size or using darker roasts/oilier beans may increase retention.
    • Achieve the best results with lighter roasted beans and at a consistent grind size setting.

    • This listing is for the bellows only. It does not include the grinder


    Introvert is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Niche, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The name Niche as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


    Silicone Rubber


    7.0cm Diameter x 3.9cm Tall

    Care Instructions

    • Keep bellows away from heat (90+°C / 194+°F) or it may deform permanently
    • To clean, rinse gently by hand with warm water
    • Do not put in dishwasher

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Makes the Duo have true, zero retention!

    Completely stopped popcorning and helped me get zero retention on my Niche Duo. Fits like a glove and looks the part too - like it came with the niche. Delivery was super fast too.

    Bruce Levenstein

    Got this in the mail today. It works perfectly. One puff and the last bit of grounds come right out. And yes, it works just fine with the anti-popcorning disc in place.

    dong chul lee
    so good

    good good

    Adam S
    100% !!

    The Bellows is the perfect addition to the Niche Zero. It works flawlessly and exactly as advertised. Extremely happy with this purchase.

    Matthew Feickert
    Essential upgrade for Nice Zero

    This little bellows does a great job of helping to clean out the fine dust and residue that remains in the Niche after each grind. I was amazed the first few times I used it to just give a little tap and see a puff of coffee come out of the grind chute. It is now an essential for me.

    The material of the bellows looks and feels to be high quality and it feels like it can be compressed and distressed without any damage to the bellows, so I feel like I will be using this particular bellows for multiple years to come.